Avocado Express

The King Avocado 2017 season is now finished.

We will resume supply in July 2018.

To all our customers, a very big thank you for your support.

Beautiful fresh Hass avocados direct to your home, picked from the trees of New Zealand’s largest avocado grower.

Just like you picked your own fruit!

At Kings we are very proud of the quality of the avocados that we grow. And we love to have people enjoy them in their best condition.

That comes from the avocados ripening naturally in your fruit bowl, to when they are rich and creamy and perfect for so many meal options.

Storing and ripening

Our fresh avocados will arrive to you as green fruit, having been picked only days before you receive them. To ensure that you have ripe avocado when you want it, you can stage your ripening as follows.

Avocados placed in a fruit bowl at room temperature will ripen over 8 to 12 days. To speed up
ripening you can put the avocado in a bag with an apple or banana – sealing the top of the bag, and ripening time will be cut in half. And if you find you have a ready ripe avocado that you don’t want to use immediately, simply place the ripened fruit in the refrigerator and it will store well for 2 to 3 days more.

Unripe avocados that you wish to store for long periods, you should simply place in the refrigerator. They will hold in perfect condition for approximately 3 weeks. Over this time you can gradually remove and ripen individual fruit in your fruit bowl, enabling you to enjoy ready to eat avocados all of the time.